Sunday, 20 April 2014

Kawasaki UK Flat Track Team

Kawasaki UK have backed a new team set up by DTRA racer, and former top GP sidecar man, Derek Brindley. The two-man team comprises 2013 title contender Alan Birtwistle, #30, and the current junior champion, Ollie Brindley, #24, who is moving up to the adult class this season.

I saw the team at the first official practice and they have a very slick set-up, with two very down-to-earth, but hellish-fast riders who have both travelled to the US and won.

The new Kawasaki team joins the Honda UK-backed multiple champion Adi Collins and the Suzuki UK-supported Peter Boast making three importer-backed teams in the DTRA Pro class. Come see them all battle at Leicester, next Sunday. All the Thunderbike framers will be there too. Racing from 12. Free entry for spectators. G

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bambukaat MC, Punjab

This came in from Pritpal in India...

People tend to talk about things that interest them and we are no different. We are 4 guys, all of us motorcycle enthusiasts. Whenever we would gather up for a “GEDI” (Definition: A leisure stroll or around town on a vehicle (mostly motorbikes) with friends. Usually young boys go for these “gedies” to hoot at girls, but the word is in common usage with both girls and boys) or at someplace, most of our talk was on motorcycling. One day we were discussing the custom motorcycle scene in India and we all stumbled upon the same thought. We should start customizing motorcycles. 

We were all a bit skeptical about it at first until one of us bought a second hand Royal Enfield, then we knew there’s no turning back. We rented a good small workshop out from the city area. While we were hustling in and about the workshop we still couldn’t come up with a name. Many different names popped up, but one stood out BAMBUKAAT, an unofficial name from the old days in Punjab that was given to motorcycles because of the simplicity of the machine itself. We wanted to bring that simplicity back in trend. We started working on the design; we all contributed ideas and at last we had it finalized, it was absolutely perfect for the start. 

 We named our first bike PORUS. King Porus was the ruler of the Paurava region in ancient India, which now happens to be Punjab. This was the perfect name for our first bike we all thought. (To give you little flashback the ancient Indian ruler King Porus fought against Alexander the Great). 

In this Royal Enfield custom we’ve removed the stock wheels of 350cc standard. The complete headlight assembly has been changed. We have also extended the swing-arm. The wider custom handlebar features custom handle grips with no electricals on the handle except the horn. All the electrical components have been placed in a custom electrical box. The engine was cleaned and has been fitted with a megaphone exhaust. Other fabrication work includes a custom made fuel tank with 22L fuel capacity, custom rear fender and the brass accessories for a touch of class.

The build of this Royal Enfield custom took us one month, working almost every day and night. In the end it was all worth it. The bike has been showcased at many places and everywhere it has been getting a great response. The appreciation we have received makes us even more confident about the future of the custom motorcycle culture in India. Bambukaat MC" our facebook page .

Friday, 18 April 2014

The Bike Shed Show III

Rock Family Trees

You read the sleeve notes on albums, and take the booklets that come with decent CDs into the bog while you meditate. You have heated discussions with mates - with yourself - about who played marimba on the 1972 Afro-Silesian classic A BSA Killed My Marmoset. You need to read Rock Family Trees.

They're nothing new, so apologies to those who know them already, but I never fail to be awestruck by the work involved in their creation. Pete Frame drew and wrote them by hand and they start life as huge great things covering a large table before being shot and reduced down for print. They're obsessively detailed and you can lose yourself in them for hours.
The breadth of bands and artists covered is immense, though they're almost all on the pop/rock/folk spectrum with dips into jazz and other stuff here and there. He even does trees of genres, such as American Pop 1950-'64. You have to see these things to believe them. All three volumes are still available and are well worth tracking down. MP

Thursday, 17 April 2014

DTRA Round 1: Reminder and DTRA needs you...

The first round takes place at Leicester on Sunday 27 April. Spectators get in for free. Racing from midday.

The DTRA need a couple of volunteers for this round, and beyond. Get in touch if you can help, even for just one round.
Contact Dirt Track Riders Association>

1. Flag marshall for Leicester. Be there from 11. Training given, no experience necessary.
2. Scoring box helper. Be there from 11. Training given, no experience necessary.

3. Flag man or woman. No experience necessary, but needs to be a show off. The DTRA needs someone who can count and can wave a flag in an entertaining way. See below.
You'll flag to announce the last lap and the winner. Simple, but make it look good. There is budget for spectacular uniform if required.
4. The DTRA are still looking for a press officer, if there's someone out there who wants to do some PR, get a foot in the door, gain some experience...

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Penton: The Movie

From regular correspondent, Roger F...

Narrated by Country singing star and motorcyclist Lyle Lovett and a host of off-road racing stars, the full length movie about John Penton hits theaters this June and I can without reservation, proclaim it a must see for anyone who has ridden on knobby tires. He flat out revolutionized woods riding in the U.S., developed Penton motorcycles, and helped put American riders on the map in the ISDT. Penton was eventually absorbed by a little backwater manufacturer named KTM and set KTM on the road to becoming arguably the most successful off-road motorcycle producer in the world today. Check it out... Roger

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New Motorcycho In Stock

The latest issue of Motorcycho, number 28, has just landed from Canada. We have a bunch of different previous issues of this trailblazing fanzine back in stock and their very popular Death Rider patch too.
Go to the special Motorcycho section on the Sideburn webshop. G

SPECIAL OFFER: The first person to order the new Motorcycho from us gets a free Motorcycho key ring.

Death Spray Does Flat Track

'Souvenir facial from the wonderful Kenny Noyes dirt track training camp'.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Triumph Dirt Quake III Bikenstein

Some of the guys over at Triumph's Hinckley HQ are getting excited about this year's Dirt Quake III. Reno, from the design office, knocked this Bikenstein up in his spare time.

Read more about Bikensteins in Sideburn 9. G

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Ok, it's Sunday night, I've been out riding flat track - feeling a bit zonked, while I'm wading through dozens of Dirt Quake pre-entires from both sides of the Altantic. I have no cable to watch tonight's MotoGP, but I remembered a track I heard on Radio 6 last week. I knew for a Bollywood song to be played on a BBC radio station it is likely to have a killer dance routine from a movie attached to it (like a firm favourite of mine Jaan Pehechaan Ho)  and I was right. Well worth a watch. This is the blurb that came with the YouTube post... G

This is a scene from the classic Bollywood movie "Talash", released in 1969! The lovely Helen is dancing like no-one else, while she's lip synching to Asha Bhosle's divine voice!

Sit tight, there will be a motorcycle-related post along soon...