Friday, 17 April 2015

Art & Moto, Portugal

Free show coming up in Lisbon, Portugal next weekend. We went to the first one and they're very good people and Lisbon is a great city. Get there if you can.

The poster is very reminiscent of Jim Mitchell's work for Mambo back in the 1990s. I like it. This is what Cesar, the organiser says...

'The artist is a very young guy working in advertising. His name is Mica, and I love his approach to the poster, because he isn’t from this scene and doesn’t ride a bike, but he catch the spirit easily.'

Find out more at G

La Urbana, Vigo

Great news from one of our stockists in Spain...

 La Urbana Bike was born in early 2014. It all began with the idea of offering in one place motorcycle gear and apparel that was hard to find in our area, or even in Spain. As a motorcycle fan all my life, it also meant that my dream of working in the bike world would finally come true. My partner Beatriz and I opened then a small store in our house garage, and also started running the on-line store The response from the customers and visitors was good enough to encourage us to move to a bigger, better located store. Sales at the store and on-line helped too! 

As a result, past 20th of March we opened the new La Urbana Bike, which you can see in the attached pictures. 

The launch party was a big success, with people coming from Asturias, Madrid and even Portugal. We offered Woll beer, cocktails by a pro-waiter and snacks and La Isla del Tesoro DJ played good music – mixed sometimes with sounds of some 60’s Isle of Man TT . We were lucky enough to have as special guest El Solitario MC family and some of their bikes, that will be shown at the store for some weeks. The idea of the new store is not only shopping, but also hosting events, offering a place to have a beer or coffee while reading Sideburn and other independent magazines or books, or just have a bike talk. 

Our catalogue is growing all the time, and at this moment we are selling brands such as UglyBROS USA, Biltwell, DMD Helmet, Bell, FTWCO, El Solitario MC, Deus Ex Machina, Oury grips, Gasolina Boots, Norstar by AXO, Baruffaldi, Schoot NYC, Machete Company, Sideburn, Iron&Air, Moto Heroes, Rev, The Ride, El Diablo Magazine…and soon we will offer Icon 1000 and 100% goggles as well! 

 Pictures by Ximena Garrigues and Sergio Moya

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Red Clouds GoodBOOKs back in stock

Every now and then we buy a few items from other companies to sell in our shop, stuff we like but is nothing to do with us. GoodBOOKs are such an item.
We bought some in 2013 and they sold well. One of the buyers upgraded his phone and asked for a new one, so we ordered some more.

It's a tan leather wallet, iPhone case and paper notebook holder in one. They are made by hand by Red Clouds Collective in Portland, Oregon. We think we're the only stockist in Europe. We send all over the world.

iPhone 5 is £50
iPhone 6 is £55
Plus post. Phone not included.

Get yours at Sideburn webshop.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Welwyn Garden City

From Stephen Hill...

 I have my first art exhibition coming up... The show's called Steel Life, poster attached, and features motorbike, car, hot rod, movie and cycling art. (plus more, not everything has wheels...) 
There will be original art/cartoons produced for MCN, TBM, Supermoto International mags, Kawasaki, etc 
Plus art inspired by movies from Captain America to Mad Max and all sorts in-between... There is even the odd flat tracker hidden in there... I think they've offered me this to shake things up a little from the usual landscapes and flowers, etc... 
The New Maynard has a cool cafe and the show runs from 24 April until 30 May, free entry... Any mention would be cool, 
cheers Stephen (Hilly) Hill

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Deadman and Wolves

I've banged on about Wolverhampton and the English Black Country before, but I've yet to mention the brilliant Tommy Deadman. A pioneer of British speedway, Deadman captained one of the first English clubs, Wolverhampton Wolves, formed in 1928, as well as racing hillclimbs and grasstrack. He was also a pioneer of motorcycle football, later to be known as motoball and still responsible for the bloodied shins of devotees around the globe. A test rider at Sunbeam, he built the bike he's pictured on here, his 'Sprint Special', using bits cadged from broken factory racers. Loads more over at Wolverhampton History, along with photos and clippings, such as these here, supplied by Deadman's daughter, June. MP 

Monday, 13 April 2015

L'Alpine Classique

More people having fun, and looking super-stylish, up a mountain.
The motorcycle is a Belgian FN -
Via A Piece of Chic.
Photos: Vianney Tisseau & Rémi Dargegen for G

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Northern Lights Optic Yamaha Snow Bike

Northern Lights Optic 2015 from Northern Lights Optic on Vimeo.
Great idea for marketing a new sunglasses company was to built this bike and put it in a video.

The bike is a turned XT500 in a Framecrafters chassis. Read more at Bike Exif.

The sunglass company in questions is Northern Lights Optic. G

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Wardrobe Dilemma

This time tomorrow I will finally be trekking over the Atlas Mountains and into the Sahara! Months of intense training will be challenged - I've put back on the 1kg I lost a week ago through nervous cake eating. My dickie knee that the Dr just drained 24ml of "Oh it looks like Castrol GTX?!" (said the professional, when he was expecting it to be a clear yellow liquid not thick black gunk), is already podgy again. In the next hour (real-time as I write this blog post) I need to overcome my teenage girl club night wardrobe dilemmas and just stuff something into a suitcase. Strappy sandals do seem like the best option for refreshing airiation. السلام عليكم BP
photo Pierre Bourdieu

Friday, 10 April 2015

Triumph Salt Racer

Just back from Lake Gairdner, in South Australia, the chunky Triumph Salt Racer sadly went pop after hitting 157mph. More info on their build website, and a video on their Facebook page
Loving the industrial Mule-made hydraulic clutch cover. BP

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Email Apologies

Quick apology - if you're waiting for a reply about Dirt Quake IV or an upgrade to a two-year sub, please be patient, we're swamped with emails, there are only 2.5 of us and the race season is nearly here. We'll reply soon. Thanks. G

PS: Orders are not being held up, they're going out as quickly as normal (and that's quick!)