Friday, 27 March 2015

Durt Gurl Shirt

New T-shirt on the loose!
  • Front and rear print designed by Australian legend, Jeff Raglus. 
  • Pink print on a charcoal shirt. 
  • £18 plus post.
  • S-XL plus lady cut medium. 
These are modern/European not hefty US sizes so check the chart before ordering.

Get yours at the Sideburn webshop.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Coste Contemplation

Sideburn first met Dimitri when Ben, Steve Redmax and I went over to Paris to visit Ruby Helmets, not long after they'd just launched, and attend a local bike club meet (that turned out to be crap, but we became good friends with Sonic Seb through it).
Dimitri visited the offices of Ruby (his brother is the founder) and we got along so well he invited us to lunch at his house the next day. He had just bought a Triumph TR6C that wasn't running right. Steve Redmax tuned it up and made it fly and Ben shot a feature for Sideburn 5 there and then, perhaps the first on Dimitri Coste and his motorcycle passion.
Since then we've raced together, and the 'French Steve McQueen' has contributed a number of stories and attended all the UK Dirt Quakes, plus become a regular DTRA racer, and raced all over the world.
First and foremost, he's a great photographer and, for Sideburn 20, we have an eight-page portfolio on some of his favourite recent images.
If you want to see that first feature on Dimitri and his Triumph, you can read it in Sideburn 5. We have a very limited amount of this issue in our Back Issue Deal.
There is also a feature on Dimitri racing Pikes Peak in Sideburn 10 (available individually or as part of the back issue deal)

Above is a short video made at Dirt Quake III in 2014, featuring his two children. G

Spirit of the Seventies Speed Triples

Spirit of the Seventies are working on some very exciting projects.
These are the renders Kev works up, but they have an uncanny ability of making bike that are exactly like these concept drawings. G

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Garrett Replies!

In response to the post below...

Aw man! I love that! Thank you! 

Honestly, Sideburn gets a huge amount of credit for getting my lazy old butt back into racing after a 25-year break from MX! Thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation. 

BTW, the ol' Aermacchi is coming out of retirement this summer... 

I'm digging getting my copies of Sideburn from Travis these days. Great excuse to get up to his shop. 

Heading to Waco, TX for a 1/2 mile this weekend. My first race back since a broken leg/torn ACL last spring

Always strap up your helmet, kids! G

Garrett B: A special place in our hearts

Found this photo of Garrett B over on Travis's 747 Rider blog.

Long time Sideburn blog readers might remember Garrett has a special place in our hearts, because his gorgeous Aermacchi was the subject of our very first blog back in March 2008 (we started the blog after the mag, how very old-fashioned, eh?).

Since then and now we have made 4928 posts. If you look on the sidebar on the right and scroll to the bottom you will see we have added a list of all the labels we semi-religously use to link posts from the SEVEN years of this blog. Only enter the tangled web if you have two hours to lose.

Garrett and his son and daughter all race on the Colorado flat tracks. In this photo Garrett is wearing the very first T-shirt design we made, the Dick shirt. G

UPDATE: Following our own label trail reminded me I'd already posted this photo. It works!

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sideburn Back Issue Deal

One back issue and one T-shirt for £15 plus postage.

Back issues included in this deal are:

Make sure you select the correct T-shirt size when you choose your issue.

Sizes S to XXL.

Get yours at the Sideburn shop.
*We have limited quantities of the long sold out issue 5 in this offer. They are very, very slight seconds because the laminate cover on the cover is curled along on part of one edge, but this issue is long gone, so it's a good way of filling a gap.

London Grime

You makes your choices. Photo by Bonzorro. BP

SB DTRA Bolt party snaps

Thanks to everybody that came down and made this a great launch party - some revelers came all the way from Belgium. The original schedule of 2-6pm bled to 12am-12pm. Good times. BP

Monday, 23 March 2015

Flattrack by Dial M Films

Flattrack from Dial M Films on Vimeo.

Shot at the DTRA meeting before last year's Dirt Quake. The first voice you hear is Sideburn Ben. Then there's Drogo, more Ben, me and David Death Spray. G

Directed and Edited by Joe Marcantonio
Produced by Death Spray Custom and Dial M Films
Camera by Andrew Lawrence and Joe Marcantonio
Sound by Neil Johnston and Tom Joyce at Factory

Metalsport Wheels

We had an email from a friend in California telling us about a new wheel company. MetalSports wheels is run by Rodney Aguiar, a custom bike builder who worked at Roland Sands Designs and Performance Machine for years. Here's what he says...

I'm just a regular guy not a big business. I knew there was a demand in the flat track world for billet wheels so I stepped up and spent my money to get people a quality well-designed wheel. I worked designing product for Roland Sands for the last five years and quit there in Feb of last year. I knew it was a gamble making them but I wanted people to have the option of running a billet wheel if they so choose. I've been an amateur roadracer and have been riding motorcycles since I was 5. My friend, Mark Cernicky, introduced me to flat track four or five years back and I thought it was so cool that it was such a grass roots form of racing. People were doing it for the love of racing and I wanted to try and help out those racers that wanted something new and fresh. Long story short I was trying to stoke people out.

See more at MetalSports Wheels